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How it works?

1. Search Local Businesses

  • Use our website to search local businesses by name, location, specialty and/or keywords.

    Example 1: to find a plumber in Victoria who repairs swimming pool, type in the search bar: plumber victoria swimming pool

    Example 2: to find a restaurant on Praslin which is offering seafood and lobster, type in the search bar: restaurant (or even only restau) praslin seafood lobster

    A business is ranked in only one category but can be find with the categories' keywords.

    Example 3: to find a contractor on La Digue who is doing plumbing, electrical, roofing... Type in the search bar: contractor la digue plumbing (or even plumb) electrical (or even elect) roofing (or even roof)

2. Compare Local Businesses

  • After searching for local businesses, learn more by comparing full profiles and updates of each local business.

3. Contact Local Businesses

  • Once you find local businesses, you can contact them by phone or email to get more information.
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